Snappy Tools 45400-3-Piece Self Centering Hinge Bits and Quick Change Chuck Set, 2/#6/#8 Soft Wood Screws and #4/#10 Hard Wood Screws, 1/8" Hex Key, 1/4-Inch Hex Power Bit Shank

Make it Snappy

  • $110.00

These quick change drill adapter will drill the hole for the body of the screw, counter bore for a plug. Use our self centering drill guides for accurate drilling of holes for hinges, handles, draw guides, etc. Standard hex shank fits all power bit quick change chucks. Set includes 5/64", 7/64" & 9/64" guides that will accommodate 2 thru 10 screws. You will get accurately centered holes using these guides with their high speed steel drill bit. Simplifies mounting hardware - switch from drill guide to screw driver instantly. Made in USA by Snappy.
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